Welcome to ISM Physical Education Blog.

This will hopefully soon contain all your assessment rubrics and tasks. It is a work in progress Blog, so please be patient. I’ll add some games too which may help you to understand some of our sports and have fun at the same time!!

Click your year group in the categories section. You will reach all of the important posts for you!

For those of you who enjoy reading about sport or if you just want to stay on top of curent sporting issues, there are some good sites in the links section. You can even find a weather forcast for Milan in the links, so you should be ready to do your PE lessons whatever the weather!!


Mr Parlby!


22 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. lucrezia 8l Says:


  2. umberto Says:

    hi sir

    when is the soft ball investergation thing for

  3. andyparlby Says:

    Sorry, the link was in the grade 8 categories. they are now on page 2 of the grade 9 posts.

  4. andyparlby Says:


    Friday if you’re going to California or your first PE lesson next week with me.

  5. victor Says:

    what about u

  6. Rebecca Says:

    can we do our softball investigation by hand????

  7. andyparlby Says:

    Of course you can do it by hand!!

    Mr P. 🙂

  8. umberto Says:

    thank you sir

  9. Rebecca Says:

    do we have to draw diagrams??
    if yes of what??

  10. Rebecca Says:

    i found them ^^
    thank you ~~

  11. Rebe XD Says:

    hi mr P. XD
    how are you???
    here i am having a loooooooot of fun XD
    did you receive my softball investigation??
    i hope yes…..
    i just wanted to say hello ^^

    i miss you all ……

    * Rebe *

  12. Rebecca 9C Says:

    hello mr. P XD
    how are you???
    i`m in california and we are having a loooot of fun ^^

    i just wanted to say hello ^^
    say hello even to our fantastic 9C class ^^

    i miss you all…..

    Rebe XD

  13. victor Says:

    I llllllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee ur site

  14. Monica Says:

    mr, i dont know where to leave the comment you asked us..

  15. chiara 10col Says:

    i’m not sure that i need to comment here..:P
    but i did my homework 🙂

  16. natalia Says:

    hi mr!
    im not sure about what we’re supposed to do for todays homework.. :s
    where are the instructions you told us about?..
    oh well. bella

  17. piceci Says:

    mr i cant find the theory post !!!! this website is too complicated…

  18. piceci Says:


  19. Madeleine Says:

    Hi Sir!

    im just going to leave a comment here because the grd. 11 page was hard to navigate. i found the site though! its a start 🙂

  20. federico m Says:

    where is the homework?

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